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Neapolitan coloured faux fur pom pom. Detachable option. Handmade

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A gorgeous Neapolitan coloured faux fur pom pom - pink, chocolate and white. 

All my pom poms are handmade by me - The Crafty Bird and made from 100% guaranteed faux fur. They are fab for topping off your own garments or knitting or crochet projects. They look especially good on a bobble hat!

All colours vary slightly depending on your device and no pom pom is exactly the same due to the nature of the fabric and how the colours are laid out.


Choose your finish - you can have the pom pom finished with strings to sew in, or press studs to make them detachable. You will need to sew the other side of the press stud onto your project.

Please note: Press studs can come in hundreds of different sizes. The ones I use are 21, 23 or 25mm depending on stock levels. There is no guarantee that this will fit onto something that you already have at home. All my poms come with both sides of the press stud so that you can sew the other half onto your hat or garment and it will fit perfectly.

If you need help sewing on a press stud, please see my youtube video on sewing a press stud onto a hat:


All Pom Poms measure approx 3.5 inches in the body of the pom, plus the fur length - so those with longer piles will appear bigger. Most measure approx 5-6 inches including fur length.

If you'd like to request a custom size, just send me a message via the contact form. Please do not order a regular pom pom and add a note as your order will need to be cancelled and a custom size reordered.

Sizes available are:

  • Medium poms - approx 2 inches across plus fur length - £5 with strings, £5.50 with a press stud
  • XL poms - approx 5 inches across plus fur length - £8 with strings or £8.50 with a press stud.

    Pom Pom Care

    If it looks less fluffy, give it a good shake. Try not to get your pom pom wet (a bit of rain or snow is fine!). Spot Clean only. If your pom pom gets wet, give it a blow dry to dry it and get the fluffiness back.


    All items are packaged in eco friendly and recyclable materials. Poms all come in a box to stop them from getting squished. As little as possible single use plastic is used in any of the packaging or posting materials - any used is biodegradable or recyclable (depending on your location). Please do recycle or reuse where you can!