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Crochet and Knitting hand made cotton Project Bag with magnetic accessories case

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A beautiful and squishy hand made cotton project bag featuring a fun Crochet and Knitting pattern and a magnetic accessories pouch. This bag is perfect for holding yarn and your work in progress (WIP), and for knitting or crocheting at home or on the move.

The bag fits around 400g or 4x100g skeins of yarn, is fully lined with a zip closure, and has a handy handle (!) for carrying on the wrist. You can pop your bag around your wrist, zip the bag nearly all the way, and have your yarn inside and crochet or knit on the move.

The bag also comes with a magnetic and zipped accessories pouch. This case fits yarn needles, hooks, pens, scissors, tape measures. As the bag is has a magnet built in, you can pop your needles on the magnet and you won't lose your needles. The pouch fits nicely inside the project bag and attaches inside with a magnet.

The bag would make a great gift for any yarn lover or treat yourself to pop your next project into!

Zip colours may vary from those pictured but will always compliment the bag. 

All items are packaged in eco friendly and recyclable materials. As little as possible single use plastic is used in any of the packaging or posting materials - any used is biodegradable or recyclable (depending on your location). Please do recycle or reuse where you can!